ACT Raising Safe Kids

ACT Raising safe KidsThe ACT Raising Safe Kids Program teaches parents and caregivers basic facts about child development, parenting styles, positive discipline, conflict resolution skills and tools for keeping kids safe with media and electronic technology. By teaching positive ways to guide and communicate with young children under age 8, the ACT Raising Safe Kids Program helps adults learn how to reinforce children’s good behavior, build their self-esteem and foster loving relationships in families, all of which helps to prevent violence in the lives of young children before it starts.

What Participants Get

  • Participants in the program receive:
  • New parenting and conflict resolution skills
  • Practical methods of discipline to use with children
  • Helpful discussions about what actually works with young children
  • A support network of parents & caregivers
  • A chance to reflect on their own care-giving values and behavior
  • Group activities that reinforce learning
  • Useful handouts to take home
  • A certificate showing, they successfully completed the program

What Participants Learn
The program is taught in a fun, interactive learning environment through short lectures, slide presentations, videos, experiential activities, group discussions, small-group work and role-play.

Validated by Research
The Act Raising Safe Kids Program follows a curriculum created by the American Psychological Association. The ACT community consists of professionals who work with families of young children. These parent group leaders are trained and certified to teach the ACT RSK curriculum in their local communities. The program is continuously updated and improved. An evidence-based approach with pre-and post-program evaluations gather qualitative and quantitative data about the program’s impact and effectiveness in shifting participants’ knowledge, skills and attitudes as a result of participating in the program.

For more information, email us at, or contact Margie Kerwien at or (973) 601-6149.