Over 35 Years of Quality Early Care and Education Services

About Child & Family ResourcesEstablished in 1972, Child & Family Resources (CFR) is an organization that creates and delivers programs
and services for the community that support the development of children and strengthen families. More
than a quarter century of caring about children and families in New Jersey has enabled the organization
to serve as the catalyst for partnerships between families, local businesses and their communities. For
more information, call 1-877-CFR-4116 or 973-398-1730.

Over the past 35 years, Child & Family Resources has served hundreds of thousands of families. CFR has
brought millions of dollars in child care quality improvement initiatives, professional development
training for educators, creation of additional child care programs, family child care provider registration,
parenting education, and financial assistance for income-eligible families to New Jersey communities.
The Child & Family Resources’ staff have been a mainstay in our community providing parents with
information about available child care options, quality indicators to look for, and factors to consider
when choosing a child care arrangement for their children.

Child & Family Resources is nationally recognized for the capacity to develop, implement, and manage pilot initiatives to improve the quality of services provided by community-based child care programs. It also serves as the state’s child care resource and referral organization for Morris County.

Mission Statement

CFR is committed to supporting the development of children, by delivering high quality, responsive, and dynamic professional development to enhance the lifelong earning of families, child care professionals and the community.