Ask The Experts

Ask The ExpertsFrustrated? Do you find yourself asking…

  • How should I discipline my child?
  • Am I giving my child enough attention?
  • How do I remain a positive parent during stressful times?
  • Am I making good decisions for my child’s future?
  • How can I be the best parent I can be?
  • Is my child watching too much TV?
  • When is it sibling rivalry and when is it something more?
  • We just had a baby, now what?

Meet Our Parent Coach… Linda Smith
A parent coach is highly trained, caring professional who: Listens deeply and non-judgmentally. Guides you to think about different perspectives, options, and viewpoints. Gives you new information for your individual parenting challenges. Offers you specific suggestions to help.

Schedule A Coaching Session
Coaching over the phone or in-person. A one-hour session with a certified and highly skilled Parenting Coach is $100.00 an hour payable by check or credit card. Contact Linda Smith at (973) 601-6145 or to schedule your session. Special Offer: Schedule and prepay for a series of six (6) sessions at the reduced rate of $500.00.