Shared Services Alliance

Morris County ECE Hared Services Alliance

Child & Family Resources (CFR) is always focused on children. As an effective and innovative leader in the field of early care and education, CFR is proud to launch another new initiative to support child care development, the Morris County Early Childhood Educators (ECE) Shared Services Alliance.

The purpose of a shared services management approach is to build and share new resources, enhance services, and continue to provide the resources to provide high quality childcare for all children. The Morris County Early Childhood Educators (ECE) Shared Services Alliance is focused on many key factors that support and exemplify best practices, quality improvement, cost efficiency, and collaborations.

What is a Shared Services Alliance?
Shared Services is a way to “feed” the core vision of a communal state which shares the burden of early care and education with families. The definition of a Shared Services Alliance is one focused on improving outcomes for children by pooling resources to build organizational capacity, improve job quality, strengthen community partnerships and promote long-term sustainability.

This membership organization works together to become stronger, more accountable, and with greater financial sustainability while focused on high quality services for children and their families in Morris County.

Vision and Mission Statements

Morris County Early Childhood Educators Vision Statement
The vision of the Morris County Early Childhood Educators Shared Services Alliance is to create a community, one that is diverse and abundant in resources and knowledge, and limitless in improving child outcomes.

Approved Morris County Early Childhood Educators Mission Statement
The mission of the Morris County Early Childhood Educators Shared Services Alliance is to…”facilitate change across the early childhood education system creating opportunities for collaboration by building a network of high quality providers leveraging collaboration opportunities, resources and growth opportunities resulting in high quality, cost efficient and sustainable early education services.”

Why Is A Shared Services Alliance Important?
Early care and education programs in New Jersey are funded through a variety of auspices and include large and small nonprofit businesses, state, federally funded agencies, which have limited resources. The center directors are usually responsible for maintaining enrollment, collecting fees, managing grants and contracts, preparing budgets, managing cash flow, maintaining facilities, processing payroll, establishing policies, hiring, training, and supervising staff, and more. While center directors are passionate about early childhood/childhood development and have backgrounds in child development and/or education, few have training in accounting and/or business management.

What Are the Benefits Of A Shared Services Alliance?
A Shared Services Alliance will allow centers to reduce costs and strengthen management and quality
by sharing administrative functions with other organizations that provide the same programming.

What Centers Are Participating in The Morris County Shared Services Alliance?

Shared Services In Early Care & Education

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Characteristics of a Successful Shared Services Hub.

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What Are Some Tasks and Projects the Alliance Members Will Complete?
Together, the Alliance members will embark on a process to identify and investigate additional collaborative cost saving opportunities and develop a business model that will allow future sustainability. Some of the objectives and tasks include:

  • Discussing the structure, governance, and membership model for the Alliance
  • Investigating additional collaborative cost saving opportunities
  • Gathering, tracking, and analyzing the cost of services delivered and resulting savings for Alliance members
  • Forming a professional learning community among Alliance member center directors