Are the dependent care blues affecting employee attendance and performance at your worksite?

Child Care QualityChild & Family Resources offers additional services to choose from…

  • Comprehensive or Enhanced Referral and Consultation
    A CFR specialist conducts personalized child care searches based on employees’ needs and criteria.
  • On-site Consultation
    A CFR specialist will visit your worksite and consult individually with employees prior to conducting child care searches.
  • Fax Pack Time Savers
    Child care search requests and responses are handled by fax.
  • Child Development Packets
    Resource information on a wide range of child development and behavioral topics.
  • Work/Life Seminars
    Lunchtime workshops designed to assist employees balance their work and family responsibilities.
  • Summer Camp Fairs
    CFR coordinates displays and invites vendors to speak at your site to employees about their summer programs.
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